FreeBSD: The best server OS.

I've configured and maintained over 100 UNIX-based servers over the years starting with Slackware Linux 2.0 back in 1995.  Over all course of all the deployments I've become very biased about my operating systems.  Linux clearly has a solid lead with desktop applications, but for server deployments and maintainability, I believe firmly in FreeBSD.

How to write a brute-force password cracker

If you have access to a password's hash and salt, if applicable, a brute force attempt to crack it is a guaranteed method if you have the CPU cycles available to compute it in a reasonable amount of time.  Unfortunately, guessing every single permutation of characters takes exponentially longer with the length of the password used so often times you are facing months if not years of processing time on a single PC.  While there are methods to distribute the work across multiple PCs, I am only going to go over a simple brute force algorithm and will hold off on the distributed processing model for a later article.

Product Review: Netgear WGR-614v5 54 Mbps Wireless Router


Despite warnings of DOA units, overheating and range problems, I decided that I'd give the Netgear WGR-614 a shot.  I was replacing a Linksys WRT-54GS router that was set up in a friend's place.  All I needed the router to do was bridge the existing wired network with wireless.  All other NAT and routing functions aren't that useful to me for this set up, which is fairly common these days because of integrated DHCP/NAT routers that come with the DSL/Cable hardware.

How to replace a Honda Civic airbag and steering wheel


My 1996 civic had an accident prior to me buying it and because of that, the driver's side airbag had been used. I initially was only going to replace the airbag but after looking around on ebay it appeared that I could also get a new steering wheel with it for almost nothing. I spent $55 shipped and had an almost new airbag and steering wheel to install. I believe this guide will apply to all models of 1996-1999 honda civics.

How to download torrents

P2P file distribution is not a new concept but knowing how to best utilize it is a concept I'm asked about frequently. The most common question I'm asked is "How do I download torrents?" Well, the more correct question would be "What software do I need to run in order to fetch a file or set of files using the bittorrent protocol?" Read on and I'll give you some quick, easy answers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

How to fix "403 Throttled" errors for trackback pings in movable type

If your movable type blog gets hit excessively by trackback spammers, you may find yourself unable leave trackbacks for yourself due to a "403 Throttled" error. This http response is from movable type in an effort to slow down mass trackback ping spammers. I will go over some quick fixes, some longer term fixes and some very technical info for those intending to modify their installation of MT to handle trackback ping spam better. This article will apply to MT3 and MT4.

How to start writing software: web applications


Almost anyone can write little scripts to do simple tasks or write little code snippets that print hello world endlessly but to actually develop a really useful application requires a little more time and knowledge. I've put together a step-by-step guide for aspiring programmers to follow that should help fill in the gaps with their new programming venture.

How to upgrade to Movable Type 4 full templates (MT4)


Last week, Six Apart announced the release of Movable Type 4. MT4 is a major upgrade in that it adds many new features and supports a more robust templating system. This site is run by MT4 and has been upgraded from version 3.35 to use the new templates and features. (Edit - 2-25-2009 - this site is now running drupal 6.9) Upgrading the underlying system is fairly straight-forward, but getting all of your customizations moved into the new templates is very work intensive and requires a lot of research. I'll go over what I learned and did to successfully upgrade this site and hopefully save you some time.

How to choose a DLNA Media Server for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux


With so many new DLNA media receivers emerging on the market, including the PS3 and X-Box 360, there are many options for media server software to run. Each server application has its own set of pros and cons. I researched all of the known products and listed out prices, supported operating systems and features. I also took the time to make a few notes and award best-in-class to a few select products that are the easiest to use, have the best features overall and provide the best end-user experience. Read on to find out how to choose your media server software.

How to replace a Blade CX2 rotor blade

RC Helicopters

Blade strikes seem to be the number one enemy of the E-Flite Blade CX2 Helicopter. I have them all too often now when I'm flying my heli around. While alternatives exist that help reduce blade strikes, I am currently opting to just keep replacing the rotor blades of my CX2 as I break them. Here's how to quickly replace a rotor blade:

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