Light Racer 2.0 - Days 53-55 - Accessorizing the Game

After becoming slightly demoralized at the number of hours it was requiring to get through this game, I decided to ask my brother to help out. He is in college right now for CS and we both thought it would be a good thing for us to work together on this. It turns out that it's been a great choice because he's really been doing a lot of great work and in turn, I'm getting more energized and motivated to finish this title off. The past 3 days have been spent working out the accessories of the game which include ending screens, opening screens, achievements, settings, pop-up notifications and other details. That's the vast majority of what remains of development, but I believe it's a very important part for having a well-polished product.

Day 53 - What was done:

- Start button is now disabled until at least one client is connected
- Fixed trail break on client (causes weirdness)
- Fixed item animation (not working well on client)
- Fixed MP start locations

Day 54 - What was done:

- Designed 3D racer for winning game screen
- Added status popups (connecting, connected, lost connection to player n, host quit)
- If no Wifi - pop up a message or add something to layout saying, "MAKE SURE WI-FI is connected!"
- Added MP game results at end of match (You won the match, You lost the match)

Day 55 - What was done:

- Polished up Multiplayer end-game flow
- Fixed memory issues
- Host game back button ends hosting and returns to main screen
- made screen stay on during game
- Speed trials gets submit score online dialog after level 10
- added default application preferences (sound, music, vibration, splash screen, show how to play)
- attached app prefs to settings menu option
- Made shared preferences for achievements
- Added achievements state infrastructure
- Added ending sequence state infrastructure


As you can see by the list, it has been a lot of little things that we've been working on. I'm only listing things that I've been doing but a lot of what we've done together has been design work to make my brother's job easier. The goal is to get the end game sequence, achievements, leaderboard, music and test plan all put together and working well in the next week and a half. I think that together, we may actually be able to do it.

Here's a video of how things are looking right now. I had a little problem with getting the Theme to work on the Dialog but it has since been fixed.

By the way - the best way I've found to have a general app Theme in Android and then to customize the Dialog's themes is to have a theme for each, one that extends the base theme, the other that extends the base dialog theme, and then to use the dialog constructor which takes a theme id and simply set your theme there. For instance, my MultiplayerDialog has a constructor which takes a context, but then calls super(context, R.styles.LightRacerDialogTheme);


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Thank You ! Great Job.

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to document this. I'm a business app developer and game developer wannabe. You did an outstanding job, not only with the application, but the sharing of information. I'm surprised at how few positive comments there are. To me this was the most I've learned about android & game development in such a short time.

I'm only three days into my Android development learning experience but I'm feeling more confident every day. Some day I hope to write a usefulAndroid application but I am short on free time and have already cut my sleep down to a bare minimum. *sigh*


Excellent blog

Just wanted to say thanks for posting a really interesting and informative account of your game development. I'll hopefully be contributing pieces to your site as I develop a game of my own...just need to find a bit more spare time!


I know I've become a bit less technical as time has gone on and a lot of that is simple time constraints with development, but I'm just happy if a few people read it and are able to save some time from it.

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