How to use your cell phone as a wireless Bluetooth modem

I was recently stuck in a situation where I had absolutely no broadband connection or phone line to dial up.  What's a tech-nerd to do when in need of the internet but only able to use a laptop, cellphone and no wires?  Get this - Not only did I get this to work, but I successfully connected to my company's VPN over it and was able to work for the day, slowly but surely over the 115kbps EDGE network.  Just to push the point home, I connected to our mail server via VPN via Internet via EDGE via Cellphone via Bluetooth.  No wires needed.  The sweet part is that it doesn't cost me anything to do this because it's part of my unlimited data plan and uses no minutes.  I use T-Mobile, but will give settings to the best of my knowledge for all the other providers.

So how does one set up this miraculously long chain of physical and logical connections?  I used a Samsung D900 on T-Mobile for this but I'll try to make it work for you and your phone as well.  Also I'm going to refer to the computer as the laptop but this will work for a PC with bluetooth as well.  This technique is only for GSM networks (T-Mobile or At&t in the US).  It may work on European GSM network as well with slight modification to settings.

1) Enable bluetooth on your phone

This is easy but every phone is a little different.  In mine I have to do Applications -> Bluetooth -> Activation -> On.

2) Link your laptop with your phone

Set your phone's bluetooth to "Discoverable."  for me it's in the Bluetooth menu under "My phone's visibility."  This setting makes it so that your laptop will be able to find your phone and link to it.

'Right click on the bluetooth icon in your system tray and use the bluetooth setup wizard.  Choose "I know the service I want to use and I want to find a Bluetooth device that provides the service."  Next choose "Dial up networking."  Find your phone in the list of devices and add it.  If you have security enabled, you will be asked for a PIN.  Make up any number you want, but remember it.  On the phone, enter the PIN you made up on your laptop.

At this point you can turn off the visibility/discoverable on your phone but leave Bluetooth running.

3) Start the dial-up connection

Double click on the Bluetooth icon or right-click and "Explore my Bluetooth places."  You should see an icon that looks like a computer and a phone that says your phone's Bluetooth name and then "Dial-up Networking." Double click on that or right-click and "Connect."

For the phone number, put in *99# and dial.  Your phone should connect to EDGE/GPRS now.  If it does not, try *99**1*1# or *99***1#.  If none of these work, post a comment with your phone model and we'll see if we can figure out what the code is.

If it's successful, you'll generally see an indication on your phone that it's connected to EDGE/GPRS.  If not it'll either sit indefinitely waiting for a connection or you'll get an error.  It should not ever try to dial a number.  That is not what you want.  You want to be connected to EDGE/GPRS.

4)  Configure the proxy server

This is the part that I got stuck at the first time I tried to do this.  For those of you who have used unlocked/unbranded phones, you've had to put in some special settings to get the web/wap browser working on your phone.  This is the exact same thing but it needs to be on your computer now.  You can't directly access the web using EDGE.  You must use your carrier's proxy server.

For Internet Explorer:  Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings -> Use a proxy server for your LAN
For Firefox:  Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Manual Proxy Configuration
Other Applications:  Find the proxy settings.  Always use HTTP.

Now apply the proxy settings found below and give it a shot!  Remember:  EVERY application you want to have connectivity now must have proxy settings to work.  Also, make sure to check your data plan before doing this!  It could get very expensive if you don't have unlimited!

Enjoy your new bluetooth cell phone modem wireless surfing experience!

T-Mobile Proxy Settings
HTTP Proxy IP:
Port:  8080
Login ID:  anonymous
Password: Leave blank

AT&T/Cingular Proxy Settings
HTTP Proxy IP:
Port: 8080
APN: proxy
UserId: leave blank
Password: Leave blank

O2 Proxy Settings
HTTP Proxy IP:
Port: 8080
username: o2wap
password: password
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