How to set up media servers for your PS3 or Xbox 360

The most recent Playstation 3 firmware update (1.80) from Sony not only gave us HDTV owners great new resolution-scaling options, but they slipped in support for media servers as well! I don't run a Media Center PC at home, but found a couple of options for easily setting up a DLNA-compliant media server on my home PC despite the fact.


I've found these two as good options for a PC media server. The first is Microsoft's Windows Media Player 11 and the second is Simplecenter. I went with Simplecenter because I don't have WMP11 installed and after seeing what Simplecenter could do, I definitely thought it was the better option.

Both of these set up guides require that you already have your Playstation 3 connected to your home network as well as your PC. Sony's help for network configuration is here

Using Windows Media Player 11 as the server

Open Windows Media Player 11
From the toolbar, select Library then Media Sharing
Check "Share my media"
On the PS3 - Under Video, Photos or Music, select "Scan for media server"
Go back to the PC, and you should see a pop up showing an unknown device trying to connect.
Allow the device, and everything should work.

Using Simplecenter as the server

Download Simplecenter from
Install - If you only want the basic version, just click next when it asks you to create an account.
Select your shared media folders and let it scan.
Click next one last time.
Check your PS3 and your media server should now be visible.

Other Windows Notes

I've heard that many people are using Nero MediaHome and consider it to be the most feature-rich server


We recently tried setting up my roommate's macbook as a media server using two different products: Allegro Media Server and TwonkyMedia. We had numerous problems with both, including configuration issues, lack of functionality and just general buginess. I've been told that Elgato Eyeconnect works well, but will confirm as soon as I have time.

Comprehensive list of known DLNA-Compliant and UPnP media server applications




Standalone Devices


Some of these apps are known to handle things like trans-coding and specific X-Box or PS3 features better than others, and since I don't have the time to test them all I'm relying on everyone's comments to help filter out which are the best products. I will try my best to keep this list up-to-date.

Last Updated - 3/23/2009


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Re: How to set up media servers for your PS3

Hi Alan,
Did you find out what you could do with regards to this WMP11 issue? We are having the same problem with our PS3.
We used TVersity but had continual errors and decided not to use that anymore. Must have been an update error.

PMS on MAC - How to select Language on DVD.

I have a DVD that contains multiple languages (It came from Europe). It also contains English 5.1 as an option. I installed PMS since the format was PAL and could not watch it on PS3. It worked great and the video can be viewed. However, I need to watch the English version of the movie. Any ideas how I can select the language when the DVD is in my MAC and watching it on PS3?
I have selected the "en" option in the transcoding page under the Audio and subtitle, but this has not worked. Any other recommendations.
Your help is much appreciated.


Sony SMP-N100

Goedemorgen M,

Ik heb deze Sony aangeschaft maar ik heb nogal wat hyaten ontdekt :

- de internet aansluiting is perfekt maar ik kan niet via mijn thuisnetwerk
op de hardeschijven van m'n computers kijken !?
- ik vind het internet aanbod (terug kijken) erg klein ! Slechts op youtube
kan ik zoeken !?
- ik kan niet terug kijken op de publieke nl. tv-zenders !?

Heeft u voor mij tips c.q. is er een test van deze machine ?



I highly recommend ps3 media server...

USE PS3 MEDIA SERVER, it plays any video file and audio file (best if ps3 and pc is connected by wire instead of wi-fi) it still works on wifi, just change your video settings to wi-fi. It plays .mkv's and i tried a dvd iso and it worked. Also I have an external hard drive connected, just add it to the directory and library loads faster than through the regular media server on Windows (by my experience)

trouble with media servers

well one thing i had troubles with was that i had my ps3 connected wirelessly to a wireless router and my pc to another router in that case they cant find eachother over lan. once i figured that out and plugged my pc into the same router as my ps3 everything was fine

Try Mezzmo

I've run PS3 media server for a while after a terrible experience with TVersity but I've never really liked it, mostly because it uses way too much resources to run (being a java app and all) and because dealing with all the plugins/extensions can become quite complex to get the most out of it.

I've recently switched to Mezzmo and I found that it works much smoother on my Windows Server 2008 x64 box than PS3 media server did. I've had absolutely no compatibility problems with it and it truly is multiple core friendly, more than PS3 media server ever was for me. I can now stream at higher quality than I used to without the on-and-off stuttering I always got out of PS3 media server.

You can also set different hardware profiles for your connected devices so that, for example, you can force down the quality only for the wireless devices and still operate at full quality for wired devices.

sony bd370

I have recently bought a sony bd 370,the manual was next to useless when it came to streaming content over my network.Thankfully I found this web site .Sad as it may seem i have tried about six or seven of the server mentioned above non worked with the exception of twonky it struggles a little with fast action vob,and 720p but with avi files it is excellant.

There's Another...

Serviio @

make sure you have Windows

make sure you have Windows Media player open

PS3 media server... I've not

PS3 media server... I've not used tversity since I installed it.


copy it to your ps3 hard drive and it won't need to buffer

Hi- I have my ps3 and comp

Hi- I have my ps3 and comp running off the same wifi. I also have tried turning off the firewall. I have gone into the WMP and enabled library sharing (tried Itunes as well) and still my ps3 scans for servers and finds nothing. Any suggestions?

PS3 Media Server DLNA error 2006

PS3 media server was doing fine till I updated the latest firware in PS3 on April 1. Now it is giving "Media server protocol DLNA error (2006). Now I cannot play vedios through PS3. (Note PS3 connected with PC through wire).

Can any one please guide me to get rid of it. Also PS3 has become very slow in reading the Folders/Files.

I will also appriciate if I could proper setting in PC for PS3 Media server.


Hello there,
I'm wondering if I can use my PS3 to show my macbook's screen by using the media server?


PS3 and m2ts files

I'm using Winamp Remote and it's not showing up the folder or the file of the movie that I'm trying to watch. Maybe I'm missing something...

win 7

win 7 media server works great with psp3 and easy to setup

How to set up media servers for your PS3 or Xbox 360

i use a program called VUSE it has support for ps3 transcoding and has support for mp3,mpeg2/4 and h.264,jpeg its also a very usefull torent download program VERY USEFULL <<< this one ive been using for months and have had no problems with give it a go and let me kno lol pce guyz ;-)

ps3,bridge and router and media server

Just got a ps3, dap1522 and dir- 655.Ps3 can access internet but having trouble finding media server on windows 7.
on windows 7 it finds the two media servers, window and ps3 media servers but not the ps3.
If I disconnect the dap1522 and and run wireless off just the ps3,every thing connects correctly and I can see and play movies( they stutter quite a bit and that is why I'm trying to use the dap 1522,it is N )
How do I intergrate the dap 1522 n,so my films will run normal.

My firewall was blocking mine

My firewall was blocking mine on the network. Not sure why, it wasn't on one computer, was on the other. I had to tell the firewall to allow the PS3 to "Share" my files.

Cool !!!!

Cool !!!! I've just download simplecenter and there he are .... just in my ps3 menu from musics !!! Great Post !!! Thx

How to set up media servers for your PS3 or Xbox 360 -Media Link

Now I can enjoy my media files from my MacBook Pro (with external HD) in my PS3!!!

Best Regards!!!


EyeConnect supports

EyeConnect supports transcoding plugins, and comes with a couple, including one that transcodes audio files into linear PCM. Since this happens on the Mac, this means that you can play your iTunes music regardless of what format it is.

I have tried eyeconnect with

I have tried eyeconnect with my macbook and ps3. I can see all the files (movies, music, pictures, etc) but when I try to open any of them, I get the message that it is "unsupported data." Not sure what else to try since eye connect is supposed to allow the media to be played by the ps3. Any ideas for using a mac and ps3?

got it

use mkv2vob for ps3 it converts all mkv files in high def to vob which can be read by the ps3.

Umm i've tried a few that you

Umm i've tried a few that you said and well none seem to play mkv files, anyone that can help me with this it will be much appeicated

re: How to set up media servers for your PS3 or Xbox 360

i don't remember exactly what but there was a switch i turned on in my registry that i read about in some random forum, it worked great and my ps3 now sees anything. I'm here looking for good software for the 360 now though.

re: How to set up media servers for your PS3 or Xbox 360

This is brilliant, my PS3 is even more indispensable than before!

re: How to set up media servers for your PS3 or Xbox 360

I tried TVersity , windows media player 11, Simplecenter. Nothing worked. no servers all the time.The ps2 and pc are connected, the test workes.Any suggestions????????

re: How to set up media servers for your PS3 or Xbox 360

Bought a 500GB READYNAS Duo from Netgear. It has all the built in media streaming requirements. Spent 30 minutes setting it up and have transfered all my music/photos and videos (MPEG4) via Nero recode and works like a dream with my PS3. Tried WMP11 and gave up. Sometimes it worked then stopped for no apparent reason.

re: How to set up media servers for your PS3 or Xbox 360

I tried the windows media server but when i searched nothing came up. What should I do??