How to upgrade the ram in a T60, T60p, T61 or T61p

I've had to do this for several of these laptops now so I thought I'd just make a picture tutorial to explain. It's been pretty much the same for all models T60 and greater. What we've been doing is upgrading machines with either 1 or 2GB up to 4GB. The memory is located under the touchpad on the front panel, which is removable via long screws on the bottom. All you need is a philips head precision screwdriver and your new ram, which must be compatible with the machine.

First off, you will need a precision screwdriver just like this:

Start by flipping the laptop over. Find the holes that have a little etched memory-chip icon beside them. Some are for more than just the ram, but there will be 5 that have the memory-chip beside them and they will be towards the front of the laptop (away from the battery).

Unscrew the screws using the precision driver and put them aside. Some may not come out easily but once you flip the laptop back over they'll fall so make sure to do it over a secure area so you don't lose them.

Flip the laptop back to it's normal orientation and open the lid. You should be able to grab the front panel and lift it up by the corners.

Flip the lid up but be careful not to pull too hard on the ribbon cable connecting the touchpad. Right underneath you will see the ram that is currently installed.

Pull outwards - away from the ram module on the little metal tabs holding it in.  It shouldn't require a lot of effort and the ram will pop up if you've done it right.

It should slide easily out. Reverse the steps to install the new ram. Here is the new ram installed in my T61p:

After that is done, make sure to boot the laptop up to see that all is working correctly and your ram is found. Remember - if you're running a 32bit OS, you'll only get to use around 3GB of RAM. You must run a 64bit OS to use all 4GB.

The front panel will clip back down with a little gentle rocking action and the screws should go back in to be thumb-tight.

Update 9/26/2008 - I upgraded my T61p to 8GB of RAM a few months back and it works perfectly. I used G.Skill memory and have had no issues. This is with Vista 64.


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Just find out the specs by

Just find out the specs by entering the model of your laptop in at a site like

8GB in a T61

Can you tell me the make and model number of the 2x 4GB RAM?


Thanks for the nice guide

Just upgrade to 4GB following this guide. Thanks a lot!


8GB in a T61. Yes!

First off, many thanks Robert. Your illustrated instructions were as brilliant as they were idiot proof.

Secondly, add me to the ranks of people who are successfully running 8gb of ram in their T61. Two 4gb sticks worked seamlessly in my system. Both the BIOS and my 64 bit Win 7 saw the memory right away. I wouldn't try it with a 32 bit OS though.

Thanks again, Robert.

Thanks, Robert

Mucho gracias :) Wanted to put in more memory and was clueless as to go about doing it. The pics help a lot.

You can put up to 8GB into a

You can put up to 8GB into a T60/T61. I have 8GB in my T61p.


I have a t60 and I have 3 gigs of ram. You said at the beginning that this is for upgrading 1 or 2 to 4. Can I still upgrade to 4 gigs or higher?

there has always been just 4

there has always been just 4 screws in the t6x model

sounds like u have a bad

sounds like u have a bad memory slot ,which would mean a bad mother board ,try reversing the ram by switching them around and reseating them ,download and run mem test

I try to never disconnect

I try to never disconnect things unless absolutely necessary. Try to do it leaving it intact, as you may have a hard time getting it back in correctly after removal.

Nice guide. Do we need to disconnect the touchpad ribbon?

Thanks for this really nice guide. Definitely very helpful. I wonder why lenovo cannot put such a guide with pictures on their website.

Before removing the old RAM, do we have to disconnect the ribbon cable connecting the touch pad? Or can we upgrade the RAM with the small touchpad ribbon cable still connected?

Thanks for the trouble to

Thanks for the trouble to take the photos.
IBM tells how many slots are available but it does not explain how to put the chips in the way you do.
Good job!

T61 RAM upgrade

Thanks a lot for takings the trouble to post this DIY. I am about to upgrade my T61 with 2 x 2GB cards and was wondering if it's got 2 memory slots? Got the info I was looking for. Thanks.

Angle while inserting new ram

That was the first time to do that and took me two times to achieve the correct results.The computer didnt find the new ram because it was installed wrong.Iwas trying to put the ram in horizontal position and the two flips couldnt hold the ram.Then i put the ram with an angle of about 45 degrees and ....thats it.The two flips ''locked''the ram and the computer found it.
4 screws only on t61p-6460
Should i remove the sticker (brand name etc) from the ram or not?

7 has a different rating

7 has a different rating scale, so that would make sense to be a 5 in vista or a 4.5 in 7.

As far as the RAM goes - does it report 2GB in your bios?

I have a t61p 32bit with a different ram problem.

I upgraded from vista to 7 and started with 2 gigs ram and now it says i only have 1 gig. Also my computer score was 5.00 before the upgrade and now its a 4.5. Can somebody please help?!

That was easy...thx for

That was easy...thx for posting!

Preventing screw loss

If you put a small piece of tape over each screw hole after loosening the screw, you don't have to worry about loosing them or getting them in the right position. Doesn't seem like a big deal until you spend 30 minutes trying to find a screw in deep pile carpet!

Hi, I have the same problem,

Hi, I have the same problem, you figure it out John?

I am running 8GB with Win 7

I am running 8GB with Win 7 x64 with no problems. I don't remember the model number. I believe it was just the DDR-2 800 or maybe DDR-2 533 modules.


i also have a T61p with 4GB, but want to upgrade to 8GB. it should work with Win7x64, right? also, which G.Skill modules did you buy?


Muchas gracias

many blessings


Thanks for this post

Thank you

Hi Robert,

Just a quick thank you for taking time to post this information. I just bought a T60 (off lease) and your DIY saved a great deal of time. It made the memory upgrade a snap! Thanks for taking time to pass your insights along.

Best Regards,
Gary Beach

If in doubt, it's probably 32

If in doubt, it's probably 32 bit. If you're in vista, right clicking on your computer and going to properties will show you all of that info. Mine says, "System Type: 64-bit Operating System"

I'm upgrading to Windows 7 very, very soon though. I can't wait for the performance improvements over vista.

Upgrading T61

How do I find out if my OS is 32 bit or 64 bit? Thanks.

I upgraded my T61p from 2G to

I upgraded my T61p from 2G to 3G successfully. Thank you so much for this posting, this was very useful.

Thanks and there actually is only 4 screws in my T61

Thanks and there actually is only 4 screws in my T61 also when I pulled out the front face there was a ribbon connected to top face of the fingerprint reader. The ribbon cable is not related to HDD.
I have successfully installed a 2GB Kingston to make a total 3GB on my running xp 32bit.

Thanks, your instructions

Thanks, your instructions were great and a big help!

thank you so much! i had no

thank you so much! i had no clue where the memory was!