Prototyping Project 7

A few weeks ago I began prototyping a new game, tentatively titled "Project 7." It's called that because it's my 7th game, but that's just a working title. This will be a featured BatteryTech game and will utilize Bullet Physics, Lua, OpenGL ES 2.0 and will run on Android and iPhone. The game idea was conceived by Ryan Foss who did the art, level design and much of the overall game design on Deadly Chambers. The idea is to have a game world where you, the player, control a race of characters that are in danger of being swarmed and killed by another, much meaner race. Originally we were going to go for Humans and Zombies but right now the art team is working on a cuter alien race vs some scary indigenous monsters. I love the art concepts they are coming up and will post some of them below. Keep reading for those and then some videos of the prototype running on Windows and Android.

I'm so excited to finally be working on a new game. I've been so busy with BatteryTech and client projects since last summer that I haven't had time to actually sit down and do this. I also feel like this will be the first game I've done where the engine really is proper and is something I can be proud of and the ability to make interesting game elements and design decisions will be reflected by that technical achievement.

So, on to the meat of the game. The game concept is much like if Flight Control had a party with Desktop Tower Defense and Lemmings and then some of the Angry Birds crashed the scene and left a physics mess everywhere. Does that make sense? I hope so, and I hope you also know that all of those game titles are trademarks of the respective publishers and copyright owners and not mine. Because we're so early in the prototype, all of this could change if we start playing and don't like it, but for now it's what we're going for.

So here are some of the art concepts that we are throwing around right now.

Project 7 concept 1Project 7 concept 1
Project 7 concept 2Project 7 concept 2
Project 7 concept 3Project 7 concept 3
Project 7 concept 4Project 7 concept 4
Project 7 concept 5Project 7 concept 5
Project 7 concept 6Project 7 concept 6

And now for the first 4 prototype videos:

If you're interested in the technical stuff, I'll be making videos talking through lots of the game's development so you can just subscribe to rbgrn4real on youtube to keep up-to-date.

Any questions, comments, concerns?