Speaking Engagements, Technical Sessions and Demos

I recently got back from AnDevCon V in Bostom, MA after delivering 2 technical sessions on OpenGL ES in Android, running a game development workshop and hosting a panel of professionals in a session about the business of Android apps, and decided maybe it's time to actually track all of the various sessions, workshops, demos and other such professional public things I've done. It's cool to look back and see the progression of small, local events out to larger events with bigger audiences. I'm more comfortable now than ever teaching classes, speaking to groups and working with people. I've got a good list here and will keep it up to date as I do more events and will also dig for links to recordings, livecasts, etc from past events. If you are looking for a speaker to present at your conference, please reach out! I'd love to work something out. Read on for the complete list...

AnDevCon VI - Burlingame CA

AnDevCon Boston (5/27/2013 - Boston MA)
- Technical Classes: OpenGL ES Essentials pt 1 and 2
- Workshop: 2D Physics Game Hackathon
- Fireside Chat Co-Host: Post Android Development

TechStart OGPC 6 (5/4/2013 - Salem OR)
- Pro Game Judge

Apps World (2/8/2013 - San Francisco CA)
- Droid track panel host
- Technical Class: Game Development with Android

AnDevCon IV (12/6/2012 - Burlingame CA)
- Technical Class: OpenGL ES Essentials
- Technical Class: Advanced OpenGL ES
- Fireside Chat Host: The Business of Android apps

Samsung Developer Office Hours (8/26/2012 - San Francisco CA)
- Immersion Developer Advocate
- Presentation: BatteryTech Engine 2.0

AnDevCon III (5/16/2012 - Burlingame CA)
- Technical Class: Advanced Graphical Applications Using NDK and OpenGL
- Technical Class: Cross-Platform Development for Games and Graphically Intense Applications
- Technical Class: Android Nuances, Limitations and Workarounds
- Fireside chat panelist

TechStart OGPC 5 (4/28/2012 - Salem OR)
- Speaker Panelist: Indie game development
- Game Development Judge

Gaming Mixer II (12/15/2011 - San Francisco CA)
- Immersion Developer Advocate

AnDevCon II (11/6/2011 - Burlingame CA)
- Technical Workshop: TyphonRT

OMSI Game On 2.0 (8/21/2011 - Portland OR)
- Demo: BPG Games

TechStart OGPC 4.0 (4/30/2011 - Salem OR)
- Presentation: Life as an independent game developer 1
- Presentation: Life as an independent game developer 2

TC IGDA (5/25/2010 - Minneapolis MN)
- Presentation: The making of Deadly Chambers for Android

Google IO 2010 (5/15/2010 - San Francisco CA)
- Demo: Android indie games, 3D First-Person Shooter

TC IGDA (11/4/2010 - Minneapolis MN)
- Technical Class: Android Game Development

Mobile March (3/27/2010 - Minneapolis MN)
- Technical Class: Developing a "finger paint" Android app in under 60 minutes

Mobile TC (1/19/2010 - Minneapolis MN)
- Round Table: Android app developers panelist

Mobile TC + Verizon's Demolicious (11/19/2009 - Minneapolis MN)
- Demo: A meeting full of mobile demos by local companies

Mobile TC (10/20/2009 - Minneapolis MN)
- Business Class: The business of mobile game development