About Robert Green's DIY

Welcome to the site! My name is Robert Green. I've always had a fascination with stuff and how it works. In fact, one of my favorite books from my childhood is called "The Way Things Work." I have spent most of my life figuring out how things work. I'm continuously solving simple and difficult problems alike. I always find myself explaining something I've done to someone or answering questions for people. It had become so common that in 2006 I decided it would just be easier to start writing down solutions as I came across them.

I have many areas of interest. My first big love was the personal computer. I wasn't always a great programmer, but I did understand a lot about how computers worked and how to use them. I eventually got more into programming and established a career as a software architect at IBM. I no longer work for IBM, though. I didn't get laid off, either. I resigned and decided to work for myself full time developing partnerships, web sites, games and mobile applications, which is what I'm still doing.

In 2009 I founded two companies: Green Web Publishing, LLC and Battery Powered Games, LLC. GWP handles the web sites that I own, including this site, DIY Electric Car and others. BPG is the publisher of Wixel and the Light Racer series of Android games.

Over the years I found myself getting more involved with, what I refer to as, "Personal Sports." My definition of personal sport is a leisure activity that can be done mostly independently. My favorites are snowboarding, wakeboarding, ping pong and bowling. I'm not a great snowboarder but I've been doing it for several years and am continuously getting better. I had a bad accident in a terrain park in 2005 which resulted in a concussion and a broken nose. I've been much more careful ever since. I'm not a great bowler but I've been taught to bowl with good form and In 2006 I started and ran a bowling league of about 40 people.

A big recent hobby of mine is learning to fly tricks on RC Helicopters. I'm always practicing on my simulator and on my T-Rex. It's actually one of the most difficult things I've ever tried to learn. I've had several people try to fly on the simulator and not one has been able to fly well within the first few hours. This level of difficulty is what pushes me to learn more. Eventually, I'd like to be able to fly like this.

I've been immersed in technology for so long that I like to give a little commentary now and then on what I see going on. I may not be the utmost authority but I generally have a good sense of what's going to work and what's not.

That about wraps it up. I hope you find what I have to teach and say useful. I enjoy giving back to the world and appreciate all of the support everyone has shown me.

If you have any questions, I'd love to answer them. If possible, please register and post them in the forums. This makes it so that others can benefit from the discussion.

Thank you for visiting.