Android - Chatroom for app


I am currently having an news aggregator app developed. I am considering adding a chatroom to the app so users can communicate with each other. Do I have to build the chatroom from zero?

Is there a free/paid chat client that I can integrate into the app?



Selling Open Source Software Libraries


BatteryTech has been an interesting experiment so far. In case you don't know what it is, it's a software library I developed last year for Battery Powered Games that makes it way easier to write cross-platform games, assuming they are targeted at PC, Mac, Android and iOS. BatteryTech is not free, but instead goes for a one-time purchase with lifetime upgrades. This model is nearly opposite from most of the competing products which opt for a subscription model, getting you in the door cheap and taking that chunk of change from you each year to keep using their product. It's difficult to figure out what the best marketing strategy is for a product like this, so today I set up the $99 experiment, which I'll explain further.

Android getPixels question

Hi there! I'm trying to manipulate a bitmap pixels using android graphics api.

The idea is to create a heatmap using a black/white/alpha gradient. Latter I'll change the color of each pixel depending on it's alpha (red to 255 alpha, green to 0 alpha)

The problem I'm having is that all the pixels read are showing as black opaque. Here's my code:

private void init() {
backbuffer = Bitmap.createBitmap(getWidth(), getHeight(),
myCanvas = new Canvas(backbuffer);
Paint p = new Paint();

Prototyping Project 7


A few weeks ago I began prototyping a new game, tentatively titled "Project 7." It's called that because it's my 7th game, but that's just a working title. This will be a featured BatteryTech game and will utilize Bullet Physics, Lua, OpenGL ES 2.0 and will run on Android and iPhone. The game idea was conceived by Ryan Foss who did the art, level design and much of the overall game design on Deadly Chambers. The idea is to have a game world where you, the player, control a race of characters that are in danger of being swarmed and killed by another, much meaner race. Originally we were going to go for Humans and Zombies but right now the art team is working on a cuter alien race vs some scary indigenous monsters. I love the art concepts they are coming up and will post some of them below. Keep reading for those and then some videos of the prototype running on Windows and Android.

Android - Live Wallpaper - RGB_565 Canvas Full Transparency and other general questions

Hi there,

I have a few questions about a Live Wallpaper which I have built and general issues I currently have as well as room for improvements. I was hoping you would be able to spare some time and offer some general advice :)

For my application I load various Bitmap objects into memory from PNG source, one large Background layer and around 5 more layers. All of these Bitmaps are loaded as RGBA_8888. The Background is 1xScreen Height, 1.5x Screen Width. The rest are the size of the content and use transparency.

Android OpenGL - ES Texture bleeding?


So after previously asking you a question about rendering using canvases you recommend I maybe go away and learn open-gl ... which I did, for a bit, then I got distracted by life and now I'm back!

However I am now having a problem with my textures.

I am writing a small app that at the moment generates a random map of textures.

net.rbgrn.opengl.EglHelper.start: createContext failed on Motorola Droid

Hi Robert,

I'm new to android programming, however I had experience with graphics and programming in C++.
Yesterday I decided to write live wallpaper. I had created prototype on GLSurfaceView and it works great.
However it was difficult to find out how to port demo to live wallpaper. I had found your article on this subject ( and grabbed source code from

Architecting GLSurfaceView and Runnable/Thread to make a "main loop"

Hello, I have a question regarding the tradition "main loop" that most games have.

I can see from
that you are recommending a very sensible model for the top level architecture of an application, namely:

public void run() {
while (isRunning) {
while (isPaused && isRunning) {

private void update() {

Multiplayer Connection with Android Phones

Hi Robert :)

I would just like to ask on how did you worked around the problem of communicating two phones via wi-fi? I can have them communicate through UDP but it seemed to me that it's not possible for un-rooted phones to be connected via wi-fi? As I understand, you have done this with Lightracer 2 and 3. Thanks! :)

how to capture key events in custom views

Hi... i am trying to capture key events in a custom view. but i think i am missing something to do the same.

Here is a simple code snippet which i tried to exercise the capturing of key event

public class KeyDemo extends View implements OnKeyListener{

public KeyDemo(Context context) {
// TODO Auto-generated constructor stub

public boolean onKey(View v, int keyCode, KeyEvent event) {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub

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