Java or C++?

Hi everyone!

I've been scouting the web for some answers, and so far Robert's website seems to have the most info about what I'm looking for (one blog post anyway).

I'm new to android game development, but an old pro with Java and 3D (using LWJGL). I've been seriously considering whether or not to move over to C++ for my programming language of choice though (only things holding me back are my love of garbage collection and my already-built-up skillset in Java).

Any suggestions? Opinions? Is C++ really that much faster on Android phones for 3D games? Is it worth the learning curve?

generated java File ERROR

Ok.. this may be a no brainer to some but i am beating my head against the wall!

I import a project file via the 'Create project from existing source' into eclipse for development

I get an error with the Generated java Files saying that the type R is already defined from the project.

I am just trying to work through some basic tutorials!
Thanks for any help or insight into the matter!

Also, the only fix i have found is to comment out the gen - java file and then run a compile at which time it fixes itself! That can't be the right fix?!

App Wallpaper Start


Great site BTW! Thank you for sharing your insights and methods.

I am looking to develop a couple apps that seem to be simple in context yet I am struggling to know where to begin.

I have 12 yrs experience w/ 3d max in a professional setting modeling, texture, render etc.
I am familiar with web development and AS3 (which BTW makes JAVA an easy learning curve)
I have installed Eclipse, JAVA SDK and everything to begin developing apps working :)

Getting Started in Android Game Development

If you're interested in developing a game for the Android platform, there is a lot you need to know.  I'm the developer of Light Racer, Light Racer 3D, Antigen, Deadly Chambers and Wixel, which are currently available on the Android Market. I've also been involved with the development of about 5 other games for Android and iOS and am co-author of Beginning Android Games 2nd Edition.  I've developed games before but the original Light Racer was my first Android application and I learned quite a bit about writing Android games that I'd like to share with everyone.  I even wrote an online book detailing the development of Light Racer 3D, which is full of how-tos and useful code snippets. If you have previous experience with game development, moving over to the mobile platform won't be all that difficult.  You will mostly just need to learn the architecture and API.  If you're new to game development, I have assembled a list of must-knows for getting started.  They apply to many different types of games, including action, strategy, simulation and puzzle.
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