Robert Green's (old) Music Projects

How to Add a Cheap Aux Input to Pioneer P-series Stereos


If you have a Pioneer or Premier CD/MP3/Radio in your car and you don't have an auxiliary input already, it's really not too difficult to add it, provided you have a compatible head unit. Models starting with a "P" after the dash such as the Pioneer DEH-P2900 are compatible. The aux input connects through the blue IP-Bus connector on the back of the unit. Pioneer sells an adapter that comes in the form of a little metal converter box but you can get just a cable adapter for much cheaper. I've done this in 2 cars now for about $10 each total and it has worked perfectly each time.

How to make a DJ mix set using Ableton Live


There are many products with which to mix music together these days, but it seems that Ableton Live is the new industry standard of music performance software. Not only does it facilitate totally dynamic live loop mixing, but it's quite good at arranging songs with automation to make a high quality mix set. In this guide I will go over step-by-step of how to use it for that exact purpose.

My demo will use Live 5, but should apply to Live 6 as well.

How to make custom ring tones


Many, many phones these days can play custom mp3 ring tones. Purchasing pre-made pop-song tones is fine, but what about all of those songs they don't have that you love? Also, why pay for a ringtone for a song that you already own?

In this guide I will not only show you which audio editing software is free to download and use but will also go over how to properly cut a song to work as a ring tone, set the volume so that it plays loudly and upload it to your cell phone.

How to set up media servers for your PS3 or Xbox 360


The most recent Playstation 3 firmware update (1.80) from Sony not only gave us HDTV owners great new resolution-scaling options, but they slipped in support for media servers as well! I don't run a Media Center PC at home, but found a couple of options for easily setting up a DLNA-compliant media server on my home PC despite the fact.

How to learn to play almost anything on bass guitar


I feel like it's a universal desire. Everyone seems to want to play guitar at some point or another. I definitely did. I was thirteen years old and a friend of mine was telling me how his dad just bought a couple of guitars and an amp so they could play together. I was invited over just to mess around with them because neither of us really knew how to play. We were in a dark, dingy basement trying to figure out how to play nirvana songs when Bob, the father, showed up and said "Let's jam. It'll be fun. I'll show you guys what to do." They only had 2 guitars but he brought a bass guitar in with him and asked if I've ever played before. Of course I hadn't, so I told him, "Nope." He assured me it'd be a piece of cake. I slung the bass over my shoulder and right then I got my first bass lesson.

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