Android 2.3 Brings Games To The Forefront


If you haven't heard, the Android 2.3 SDK was released to the public today. Up until this release, Android has been a bit problematic for many game developers. While it's made steady progress in that area since the 1.0 release in 2008, there have been many things missing that we game developers have been begging for. Ask and you shall receive. 2.3 comes with the release of NDK r5 which includes a slew of game-friendly native APIs. Native Input, Native EGL and one of the biggest ones.. OpenSL!

Android OpenGL - ES Texture bleeding?


So after previously asking you a question about rendering using canvases you recommend I maybe go away and learn open-gl ... which I did, for a bit, then I got distracted by life and now I'm back!

However I am now having a problem with my textures.

I am writing a small app that at the moment generates a random map of textures.

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