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Snowboarding: How To Reliably Stick a 180

One of the prerequisites of being able to stick 180s is the ability to ride "switch" proficiently.  Switch-stance just means riding facing the opposite direction of your normal stance.  If you ride regular-foot, your normal stance faces to the right and your switch faces to the left.  If you ride goofy-foot, your normal is to the left and switch is to the right.  It can feel very awkward to begin riding switch, but without acquiring the skill, you will struggle to balance or ride away from a 180 or (don't get ahead of yourself yet!) a 540.

Getting geared up for 2007/2008 snowboarding

It's the end of October and the 2007/2008 snowboarding and skiing season is right around the corner!  I'm very excited for this year and to prepare, I've decided to get some new outer clothes before it starts to snow and the prices shoot up. I also had a look at some of the new snowboard offerings from Burton, amongst others, who is pushing the boundaries of rational purchasing with their new $1000 Vapor model.  I'm not in the market for a new board this year but I thought I'd share some of my findings for stylish jackets and pants for both men and women.

How to start and run a bowling league

Personal Sports

Bowling is fun for many people and a good way to socialize during the colder months of the year. There are many leagues all over the US but if you can't find the right one, you may want to start your own. I ran one last year with one other person and with just a couple of hours of work per week, we found it entirely achievable and fun to do.

Want something new this summer? Go skydiving!

Personal Sports

Are you looking for something new and exciting to try this summer? Have you ever thought about trying skydiving out? It's safer than you may think. Up until last year I had always wanted to try it but never could get myself to commit. It was on my list of life-long to-dos, and after deciding that now is as good a time as any other, I made my first jump. I found it to be a very unique, thrilling experience that I look forward to doing again. Here's how to finally make it happen:

How to start snowboarding


At the age of 12 I talked my parents into buying me my first snowboard. Armed with a hollow, plastic, single tipped behemoth called "black snow", I was ready to tame the 60 foot hills of my parents' western-minnesota lake cabin. I tried and tried but the dream of carving out paths in maplewood state park just never came to fruition. I gave up then, but 10 years later I was on a proper mountain receiving my first lesson from a friend on how to do the real thing.
Snowboarding can be a very intimidating sport. All I heard about before starting is that I was definitely going get hurt or at least be very sore. I've found these statements to be mostly correct, but don't let that sway you from trying. The first day for me was the hardest and after that, I found it to be very enjoyable, more so than skiing.

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